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The paintings here are all 8" x 8" with a depth of 1" to 2".   They are worked on a wooden cradled base and are mainly mixed media.  This is often a mixture of collage, paint, ink and drawing.  They are all sealed with varnish which has only a small amount of reflective light.

These paintings range from 13" x 7"  upwards and are on canvas or wood.  Some are framed and others, in the main, the deep canvas', are unframed, allowing them to hang from their cradle.  Further details can be found by clicking through to the full range.

Caroline Lumb 'Fragility'.jpg
Caroline Lumb  'Thistles'.jpg

These pieces have all been worked on paper, they have a mount surrounding them which can be removed dependant on how they are to be framed.   Sizes and details can be found by clicking through...

The inclusion of this section is to give you an idea of other work that I have made, but which has already sold.

Caroline Lumb 'July'.JPG
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